3′ x 5′ Closet Revamp

This 3′ 8″ x 5′ closet space is located under a stairwell.  It functions as a coat and accessory closet for the lady of the house.  Main issues were lack of appropriate storage (hence boots all over the floor), poor space planning (see that back wall shoe rack? it opened into a wall of coats) and a serious lack of personality.


The Revamp Plan:

  • Closed shoe storage closet up against back wall
  • Reduce coat hanging space to 20″ to make room for the storage closet
  • Install a shelf as a landing spot for keys, sunglasses, etc.
  • Add hooks for purses, hats, and boots
  • Jazz it up with a shot of color and art

And here it is After ….


Here are some more views:

The key to this storage cabinet is that its shelves are adjustable — you can make the distance between each shelf as short or as tall as you need.


Simple wall shelf as a catch-all for small things like wallets and keys.
I installed simple, inexpensive wall hooks and used skirt hangers to hang up the boots.  Got them up off the floor by utilizing wall space.
This wall hook is a flea market find that was originally white.  It didn’t stand out against the white door, so I spray painted it this happy green color!
Hung the hats up on the wall using regular nails, instead of hooks.  Saved on cost plus you can’t see the nails anyway!  Tip:  arranging them like this this makes it easy to  add new hats to the collection without needing more storage space.
This woven basket adds texture to the space, plus serves as storage for scarves and gloves.  See that metal rod?  It’s an odd size – 20 1/4″ to be exact – in order to fit the space between the wall and shoe storage closet.  Here’s a tip:  the kind workers at Home Depot will cut a standard size rod to whatever size you need for free!
This storage unit’s original white laminate door looked woefully plain and admittedly cheap.  So, I wallpapered it in this shiplap pattern (with temporary wall paper from Target) and used the leftovers to cover the wall shelf.  Decorating tip:  temporary wallpaper and contact paper stick very well to laminate — they are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade anything laminate!

Do you have a closet that needs a revamp? Leave any questions in the comments section and I’ll be sure get back to you!



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