Choosing Bathroom Tile

Hey, Everyone!

It has been a very long time since my last blog post.  I started with the best of intentions, but time got the better of me!  I am about to pretend that there hasn’t been a 10 month gap since my last post 🙂 and therefore pick up right where I left off:  bathroom tile.

You may recall that I was embarking on my first house flipping venture in Eastlake, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.  I used Instagram polls to help make key selections for the renovation in an effort to create mass appeal.  The first poll pointed me in the right style direction for the house, one I called “Modern Cottage”.  It beat “Charming Farmhouse” in the poll and you can read more about that here:

Now I’m excited to share the results of this next poll for the bathroom tile design.  This house has only one bathroom, so it needs to be a show-stopper.  Here is what it looked like pre-renovation:

Original Bathroom
Bathroom “Before”

I know, pretty scary.  I wanted this room to feel fresh afterwards but in keeping with the modern-cottage aesthetic I was going for.  Here are the tile combos I chose along with the Instagram poll results:

Bathroom tile combinations

Personally, I love using 3 different tiles in a bathroom:  large format tile for flooring, a clean subway tile, and an accent tile.  In combination A, the large format flooring is this charming pattern, one I thought felt “cottage-y”.  The subway tile is a standard white 3×6, but with a beveled edge.  The accent tile is the smaller light gray subway tile.  In combination B, the floor tile is the large white hexagon, the subway tile is a long white 3×12, and the accent tile is the dark fan-shaped tile which felt “modern”.  Again, I was surprised to see that the results weren’t even close and B won 3 to 1!

As a side note, the accent tile can be placed in a few different areas depending upon the layout of your space, vantage points, and the desired focal point of the room.  It can be placed along the entire vanity wall, which I would do if that wall was very small.  It can be placed on the control side of the tub, either as a band in the middle or on the whole wall.  Or, as in my case, on the side wall of the tub.  Here is how the tile design came together in this bathroom renovation:

Bathroom with large white hexagon floor tile and tub surround with dark fan-shaped tile
Final bathroom tile design


I chose to install the accent tile on the side wall of the tub, meaning the wall that is not at the head or the foot of the tub, because it’s the wall facing you when you walk into the bathroom.  It seemed like the natural focal point and the accent tile creates a wow-factor upon walking in.  At least I hope it does!

Here is a close-up of how the accent tile and the long white subway tile play together.  I chose to lay the subway tile vertically so it followed the rhythm of the upward motion of the fan-shaped tile.

tub surround using two different tiles. The accent tile is a dark fan-shaped tile and the main tile is a long white subway tile layed vertically.
Fan-shaped accent tile and long white subway tile installed vertically.

Are you contemplating a bathroom renovation?  Are you putting together tile combinations of your own?  If so, I’d love to hear about what you’re working on!  Meanwhile, stay tuned for my next post.  I’ll be talking about how and why I changed the layout of this small 6’x8′ bathroom and what I uncovered during the demo process!

                                                                            ‘Til next time,



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